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Grey Area Coaching provides a service that will enable clients to hit their desired business career outcomes by filtering out distractions and focusing on goals, examining and removing barriers that have prevented their attainment, and building and reviewing a plan of stepping stones that leads to the achievement of those goals. The support structure, methodology and style is bespoke to each client and is designed to get the best results in the most effective way, based on every client’s unique, individual character and approach.

I studied Psychology at Durham University and immediately after graduating I completed a professional qualification as a hypnotherapist with the Institute of Psychology and Parapsychology. My professional career has taken in operations, project management, buying, marketing, sales, and general management with 25 years board experience as a main board director, CEO and Chair.

I attended The Coaching Academy’s professional training course in 2019 for 2 reasons: to help me transition from exec, hands on roles to non-exec and chair roles – the learned disciplines of active listening and powerful questioning were very helpful to me for this – and to start coaching formally and adding this as a service that my company offers.

I have been coaching new entrants to the publishing industry, MA students in both publishing and the creative arts, senior company directors who value an independent voice and ‘critical friend’ and career change executives who need help deciding what their next step should be. I benefitted from having an executive coach when I was made CEO of Borders/Books etc and recommend it as an essential support for all first time general managers.


My specialist niches are as follows:

Director/general manager/CEOs who can all benefit from an independent coach providing support

People at a watershed in their working lives, perhaps through redundancy or a change of direction

Ambitious and entrepreneurial entrants to the publishing industry, particularly under-represented entrants who find the industry inaccessible or frustrating,  as well as Masters students in the creative arts

Authors, and Writers who want to be Authors


What my clients have said (see Testimonials):

“David continually asked questions that challenged my understanding, and that pushed me to be more bold and confident in my decision making”

“David’s coaching consistently helped me to understand the issue I was confronted with, to fix myself new objectives, and a specific method to achieve those targets”

“I would highly recommend David to anyone who is looking for a successful coach”

“David has the unique ability to facilitate deeper thinking during coaching sessions. I would love to work with David again and can highly recommend him as a coach.”

“David’s coaching sessions have had a profound impact on my life”


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